Pierce and Seal
Saves Unused Caulking
We started a new category of Recycling:
... and extending the life of your tubed products with
                            The Pierce and Seal
1. Cut tip off tube, then pierce tube with tool.
2. Attach the mounting clip to gun
(scuff mounting surface with sandpaper for best adhesion).
Secure Pierce & Seal in mounting clip, to hold while using tubed product.
3. When done, insert Pierce & Seal into nozzle, then slide cap over nozzle to seal tube.
At least 10% of Pierce and Seal  products are made from recycled wire hangers.
Patent Pending
Watch a Demonstration
Taking your extra metal dry cleaner hangers...
Extends the life of tubed products for up to 6 months
Pierce & Seal Tubed Product Sealer
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